The Wellness Kitchen offers guilt free convenience meals for people who are health conscious or would like to improve the overall wellbeing.

Invest in your health

The Wellness Kitchen knows.  Your biggest investment is your health.  Eating clean not only protects your health, improves performance and optimises your condition.  It also improves your well-being and concentration.

Nutritional prepped meals

Our menu plans are created by performance specialists.  The ratio between protein, carbs and micro nutrients have all be carefully balanced to give optimal performance and nutrition.

Bespoke meals to your needs

Need personalisation?  Our online bespoke ordering system puts you in control.  Use our easy to use menu builder, to create meals that suit your needs.

ProZone Fuelling Performance

If you are serious about your training or a professional athlete, then why not see our ProZone.  Through an advanced nutritional analysis system, we can optimise your training and performance.

UK Wide fast Deliveries

We deliver via courier to your home or office.  Deliveries can either be a one off, once a week or twice a week.  Our food is delivered in ice-box packaging.

Subscribe or Buy as you need

Want to give us a try?  Why not order a one off delivery of some of our meals.  If you like them, you can order a weekly subscription that you can pause at anytime.

You really
are what
you eat

  • increased energy
  • better health & well-being
  • improved concentration & drive
  • develop body composition
  • improve recovery time

Bespoke Meals

Our bespoke meals are available on subscription.  We deliver once or twice a week, depending on your preference.  Select a protein, select your carbs / veg and then add the flavour! You choose what you want in your meals from the options available.

Bulk Buy

Order The Wellness Kitchen meals in bulk.  Select from a variety of meals. Our meals come in two sizes, wellness or performance, depending on how much fuel you need.  Some of our meals are suitable for freezing or eat fresh within three days.

Lunch Orders

Did you know we deliver to your office?  We have a minimum order of £30 + delivery.  Why not combine your order with other people at the office and share the postage cost.  See our lunch selection menu and start your healthy eating today.


Our bespoke service is highly personalised to your needs.  We will provide a consultation to assess your performance plan.  Make a difference and contact us with our high demand personalised service.

Gyms / Cafes

Would you like to offer a fast solution to provide artisan balanced meals to your customers?  We offer our meals on a trail basis to your gym or cafe, so you can see how much they are loved by your customers.


Everyone dreads that occasion or business conference when all there is to eat is brown food.  Set the standard and offer your guests / colleagues high standard food, whilst keeping your own fuel intake on track!

  • Choose a menu option
  • Choose your meals and quantity
  • Select any available options
  • Choose your delivery
  • Purchase or subscribe

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