About The Wellness Kitchen

TWK offers guilt free convenience meals for people who are health conscious or would like to improve the overall wellbeing.  Our artisan chefs create signature and classic dishes, using only the finest and freshest ingredients.

The food we create doesn’t just deliver in taste but will help you achieve your sporting and lifestyle goals.

Our Food Can Help

TWK understands that food is to be enjoyed and, not just to be eaten to fuel our bodies. We also know how difficult and time consuming preparing meals are, especially when you have a busy lifestyle, are unsure on what foods are good for our health,  or are not great in the Kitchen!


Our nutrient dense meals can help you benefit from:

Increased energy

The Wellness Kitchen knows.  Your biggest investment is your health.  Eating clean not only protects your health, improves performance and optimises your condition.  It also improves your well-being and concentration.

Better health and well-being

Our menu plans are created by performance specialists.  The ratio between protein, carbs and micro nutrients have all be carefully balanced to give optimal performance and nutrition.

Develop body composition

If you are serious about your training or a professional athlete, then why not see our ProZone.  Through an advanced nutritional analysis system, we can optimise your training and performance.

Improved performance

Need personalisation?  Our online bespoke ordering system puts you in control.  Use our easy to use menu builder, to create meals that suit your needs.

Improve recovery time

We deliver via courier to your home or office.  Deliveries can either be a one off, once a week or twice a week.  Our food is delivered in ice-box packaging.

Achieve Results

Want to give us a try?  Why not order a one off delivery of some of our meals.  If you like them, you can order a weekly subscription that you can pause at anytime.