Wellness Lunch

Wellness Lunch meals are sold as a single order of a box of meals.  They are ideal if you wish to buy a box of lunches to be delivered direct to your office or home and take one in work each day.  You can order the Wellness Lunch meals as and when you feel.  So if you want a box of lunches every alternative week, that is fine!

Our Wellness Lunch meals come in two sizes, regular and large.  We recommend a regular meal for normal appetites or large for active or larger appetites.

Wellness Lunch FAQs

Can I order on the day of the delivery?

No. Wellness Lunch meals must be ordered by 12 noon for next day delivery. If your order is placed on a weekend or bank holiday, it will be delivered within two working days.

Can I choose from other menus as part of my lunch order?

Items from other menus cannot be ordered as Wellness Lunch prices or offers, but you can add other menu items to your order if being delivered to the same address. A minimum order still applies.

How soon can I get my Wellness Lunch meals?

Orders must be completed by 12 noon for next day delivery. If your order is placed on a weekend or bank holiday, it will be delivered within two working days.

Where do you deliver to?

We deliver to all mainland UK.

What time will my Wellness Lunch order arrive?

Orders must be completed by 12 noon, will be sent by ‘next working day delivery’ courier.

Is there a minimum order quantity?

Yes. £30 minimum order quantity.

How much is the delivery service?

There are 2 delivery prices. There is a £4 delivery charge for any order with a postcode starting in PR (Preston, Lancashire). Deliveries to all other postcodes within the UK mainland will occur a delivery charge of £10.

Are there discounts for large order quantities?

Yes. Orders above a certain value, see our offers page for more details. Any discount will be automatically deducted in the basket (this applies to Bulk Buys and Wellness Lunch meals combined).

Which days do you deliver on?

Wellness Lunch orders are delivered between Monday and Friday only. Ordereds placed on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday will be sent out on a Monday for delivery for a Tuesday.

Can I change my order?

Yes, as long as it is before 10am the day before delivery. Give us a call.

Can I cancel my order?

You can cancel your order if you contact us on a working day at least 24 hours before delivery is due.

What if my workplace has a reception?

Your food will be delivered to the main reception area of your chosen work place by 12 noon.

How is my food delivered?

Your meals are delivered in a refrigerated box by a courier, or by the The Wellness Kitchen ourselves.

How do I store the meals?

The delivery box you receive will regulate the food at a chill temperature during transit.  Once you receive the meals you will need to refrigerate them for up to 3 days, until consumption.

What if I don’t eat my meals on the day of delivery?

Don’t worry, all meals have 3 days shelf life including the day of delivery.  Just refrigerate your meals until consumption.

Can I freeze the meals?

Wellness Lunch meals are not freezable, due to the packaging. All meals are in compostable packaging that does not have the ability to freeze.

Are the meals eaten hot or cold?

Both. Some meals are best eaten hot others are cold dishes. We want you to have a variety of meals to choose from.

How do we know what meals are to be eaten hot or cold?

Each meal has information on the website that tells you if it is best to be eaten hot or cold.

How do we heat the hot meals and how long for?

All meals are microwavable. Meals will take approximately 3 – 4 minutes to heat. Stop half way through the heating process and stir each meal before continuing to heat through. Please make sure all meals are piping hot before serving.

What if my deliver does not arrive on time?

Please contact us, as we have tracking on all deliveries.  We cannot take responsibility for incorrect delivery instructions.