We recognise as a professional sports person it is the fine margins that make the difference between winning and losing.

Our bespoke service can be tailored to individuals and clubs at all levels and budgets. Working along side relevant professional, including nutritionists and strength and conditioning coaches TWK can create nutrient dense, tasty meals to help prepare you for and event/game, fuel you performance and aid your recovery.

Fuelling performance through nutrition

If you are serious about your training or a professional athlete, then why not enquire about our bespoke ProZone Packages?

Through an advance nutritional analysis system, The Wellness Kitchen can optimise your performance and customise nutrition to the highest levels.  Our bespoke service is highly personalised to your needs, meaning we can make a winning difference in creating the optimum athlete.

How ProZone can improve your performance

Your performance is critical to your results.  Micro nutrients and nutrient dense meals are a key component to improving your performance, so you can train harder, have more energy, quicker recovery and optimise results.  Let us take the science of your requirements and develop and eating plan specific to your training fluctuations and schedule.  PROZONE is available to individuals or clubs & teams, to provide a service to ensure a balanced food intake.

Pre & post performance meals

We understand the importance of eating the correct types of foods to help all elements of your performance requirements.  So, whether you are a football player, swimmer or in any other sport let us help you achieve your goals by fuelling your nutrition.

Day to day catering

The wellness kitchen wants to help you fuel and recover on a daily basis with meals based on the team/clubs requirements. This way all you need to do is relax and enjoy your meal.

Academy catering

We are fully aware of the pitfalls young athletes have when sticking to nutritional plans. Let us cut temptation out and replace it with nutritious meals tailored to the clubs requirements.

Meal prep for individuals

As athletes are all different. Therefore, let us help you get the best from your nutrition by preparing meals that are tailored to your performance objectives.

Nutrient smoothies

Smoothies are a great way of getting in extra goodness and fibre that we require when missed in meals, especially when we are putting strain on our bodies through intense exercise.

Micro nutrients

It is essential that we are getting the correct micro nutrient balance. These nutrients are the building blocks of sustaining and improving health from our energy levels, to our eyesight, to our recovery, amongst much more.

Apply to enter our Prozone Program

If you would like more information regarding joining our PROZONE program, let us know what your requirements are and how we can help you achieve optimal results.  Our focus is on providing a customised service to ensure your fuel plan is perfected to your requirements with the help our of our guidance and advice.

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